Men and sex go hand in hand. Or at least, what everyone thinks. Sometimes it is true and we often do think about sex and deal in flesh.

We haven’t met yet and it isn’t just sex on my mind. So, if you will take the time, I shall tell you of a handful of things I think about when I think of us. I say handful because I haven’t been able to write down all the things to have crossed my mind.

So here goes………………

I think about the moment you and I meet. Perhaps it will be at the airport or when you open the door, following three knocks from me.

We speak of cooking and I would be lying if I hadn’t thought of having my way with you in the kitchen, but a smile overtakes my lips as I think of cooking for you and allowing you taste the food from my fingers.

Time on the couch doesn’t have to lead to sex. I often think about us lying together, allowing our hands to just run through each other’s hair and nothing more.

When I think of us sleeping together it doesn’t always lead to sex. Often my mind wanders to you falling asleep with your head on my chest and I just listen to you breathe. I can only imagine it to be peaceful, before I too succumb to sleep.

Dancing, oh yes, dancing, doesn’t have to be slow grinding. Yes, I have thought about that as well, but I it’s the waltz I am interested in; holding you as we move, with our eyes upon one another and not another soul.

As for the sex. Yes, that has crossed my mind, but that is for another day.

Navin E. (on things I think of doing with you, apart from sex)

this is literally me

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Kinda wanna cuddle you kinda wanna fuck you against the wall

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I better wake up every morning with my future bf cuddling my ass like that. worship